Live Online Traditional Crafts Tours

Would you like to see a workshop where traditional Japanese crafts are made?
The Live Online Traditional Crafts Tour provides opportunities to visit traditional crafts workshops and artisans in Fukuoka. Traditional crafts have been handed down from generation to generation in terms of techniques, material selection, and design.

The Live Online Traditional Crafts Tour provides you with live streaming video from the site, so you can visit a Japanese crafts workshop from the comfort of your sofa at home.

You can enjoy craft making demonstrations by the artisans, including explanations of their works; and gain an appreciation of their craft. You can also communicate with the artisans through chat conversation, allowing the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

In Fukuoka, there are traditional crafts such as Hakata dolls, Hakata textiles, Hakata wood crafts, Hakata papier-mâché dolls, and Hakata spinning tops. Depending on the tour, the traditional crafts workshops we visit are subject to change, so please confirm the tour details before registering.

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