Japan Online Study Tours

Trip Insight provides study tours, educational tours, and international exchanges in Japan. Study tours allow schools, companies, government agencies, and professionals to visit Japan and deepen their learning, broaden their international horizons, and enhance their personal growth through training, observation, lectures, discussions, exchanges, workshops, and sightseeing.

Trip Insight not only offers actual study tours, but also online study tour programs via the Internet. Using ZOOM, we can connect you to Japan, and conduct online programs; this is an alternative to actual study tours to Japan, which have been postponed or cancelled since March 2020 due to the novel coronavirus.

I can’t go to Japan. Is it still possible for me to participate in a school exchange?
Is it possible for me to visit schools and companies online?
Are there any online programs for learning about Japanese culture?

With our extensive experience, planning capabilities, and close collaborations with our business partners, we can provide study tours, as well as online tours, to meet your needs.

Advantages of Online Study Tours

  • Virtual tours and interactions may not be as fulfilling as visiting the actual site. However, it has the following advantages:
  • As long as you have internet connection, it is easy to participate from anywhere.
  • The cost of travel can be reduced.
  • You will not have to deal with any travel anxieties.
  • You can choose the duration of the tour, from 1 day to 2 weeks, depending on your schedule.
  • After completing the online tour, and when you are someday able to visit the actual sites, you will enjoy the “reunion,” have better knowledge, and travel more efficiently.

The number of days, time, and content of the online study tour will be developed in consultation with your school, company, or organization, and based on your needs. We will provide you with a completely customized tour.

  • The minimum number of participants is 10.
  • The tour time will be decided upon consultation, taking into consideration the difference in time zones.
  • We offer a variety of programs and fields of study, but please note that depending on the content, there may be instances in which we may not be able to accommodate your request.
  • All live online tours will use the ZOOM Meeting application.

If you are interested in our online study tour program, or have any questions or requests, please contact us using the Inquiry Form.

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