Fukuoka Castle Live Online Walking Tour

Fukuoka Castle is located about 1.5 km west of the bustling commercial center of Tenjin in Fukuoka City.  The Tokugawa Shogunate granted the land to Kuroda Nagamasa, who became the first lord of the Fukuoka Clan after his victory at the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600. The construction of Fukuoka Castle was started by Kuroda Nagamasa in 1601, and completed in 1607.

Fukuoka Castle is one of the 100 best castles in Japan, and is designated as a national historic site. Although there is no existing castle tower, the Tamon Yagura (nationally designated important cultural property), Den Shiomi Yagura (prefectural designated tangible cultural property), and Shimonohashi Gomon (prefectural designated tangible cultural property) are worth seeing.

Within the ruins of Fukuoka Castle are the remains of a diplomatic facility called Korokan, equivalent to a guesthouse in ancient times. It is said to have been built in the 8th century, and although there were similar guesthouses in Osaka and Kyoto at the same time, only the one in Fukuoka can be seen today as an archeological site. The Fukuoka Castle Live Online Walking Tour also includes a visit to the remains of Korokan.

The Fukuoka Castle Ruins is one of the best cherry blossom viewing sites in Fukuoka. An online tour can be taken during the cherry blossom season in spring. It is also beautiful in autumn, when the leaves change color. Spring and autumn are especially recommended.

Kamino-hashi Main Gate
The Kamino-hashi Main Gate (Kamino-hashi Otemon) was the main gate of Fukuoka Castle. The imposing tower gate was destroyed by fire during the war, and only the stone walls remain. The stone wall is 10 meters high, and retains its past appearance.

Fukuoka Castle History Exploration Hall
This facility exhibits a model of Fukuoka Castle, and old maps are also on display.

Prayer Turret
Located to the northeast of the Honmaru, where the lord of the castle and his family lived, and where the buildings for official government affairs were located, this turret was built to seal off the demon’s gate to protect the castle from disasters, and was maintained by monks.

Main Tower
Fukuoka Castle does not have an existing main tower. It has been debated for many years that it was not originally built, or that it was built but demolished, but no conclusion has ever been reached. Based on the size of the castle tower, it is said to have been a six-story tower with a five-story roof, about 30 meters high, and painted black. From the castle tower, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Fukuoka City.

Tamon Turret
The Tamon Turret is a nationally designated important cultural property, with an impressive turret that has a length of 72 meters, and served to provide both defense and storage functions. In the spring season, the contrast between the cherry blossoms and the turret makes it a popular destination.

Ruins of Korokan
The tour includes a visit to the Korokan Exhibition Hall, built on the site of the Korokan, an ancient guesthouse that entertained merchants, and served as a diplomatic facility for the Tang Dynasty of China and Silla Kingdom of Korea. Visitors can see the relics and excavated artifacts from the Korokan.

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