Trip Insight’s Measures Against Novel Coronavirus Infection

All of Trip Insight’s tours and corporate activities are conducted in accordance with the guidelines of the Japan Association of Travel Agents and All Nippon Travel Agents Association. The measures that Trip Insight is taking against the novel coronavirus are as follows:

Measures To Be Taken During The Tour

  • Before departure, we will check the physical condition of the tour members (temperature and condition), and ask those with fevers or suspected infection symptoms to refrain from participating in the tour.
  • We will try to keep a distance of 1-2 meters between guides, staff, and tour members.
  • Thorough hand washing and hand sanitizing are required. Guides and staff will carry sanitizer with them.
  • Guides and staff will wear masks. We will also ask tour members to do the same.
  • We will make every effort to avoid entering areas that are not well ventilated.
  • We will inform and educate tour members about infection prevention measures during the tour, and ask for their understanding and cooperation in implementing such measures.
  • In order to avoid crowding and close contact at the entrance and inside the facilities, we will divide people into small groups and stagger their timing.
  • To prevent droplet infections during meals, take precautions to maintain a safe distance between people by staggering the times of their meals, and reducing the number of chairs.
  • If a tour member becomes ill during the trip, he or she will leave the tour and take measures to prevent the spread of infection to other participants, and will consult with the nearest health center or medical institution.
  • Even after departure, if there is a significant possibility that the tour cannot continue safely due to changes in the infection situation, the tour will be cancelled, and tour members will be returned to the place of departure.

Planning and Organizing of Our Tours

  • We will try to select appropriate and safe destinations according to the infection situation.
  • We will confirm in advance that appropriate infection prevention measures have been taken for transportation, restaurants, sightseeing facilities, hands-on activities, and other logistics to be included in the itinerary.
  • If arrangements are made with a travel service provider, in principle, it will be limited to a provider that has taken appropriate infection prevention measures.
  • In the event it becomes difficult, or is likely to become difficult, to conduct the tour in a safe and smooth manner due to changes in the infection situation, the tour will be cancelled.
  • In the event a tour guide is not provided, we will manage the itinerary in cooperation with the tour service providers.
  • In the event a tour member is diagnosed positive with the novel coronavirus within two weeks after completion of the tour, we ask that he or she report it to the travel agency.
  • The contact information of the tour members or contractors will be stored for two weeks, in case an infection occurs.

Measures To Be Taken Within The Company

  • We will each maintain a personal distance of 1-2 meters.
  • We will install hand sanitizing equipment in offices and stores.
  • We will wash and disinfect our hands, and gargle thoroughly.
  • We will wear masks.
  • We will ventilate our offices and stores.
  • We will disinfect and clean our offices and stores, regularly.
  • We will ask staff to check their body temperature and symptoms before arriving to work, and those who are sick will be asked to stay at home. Staff who become sick during working hours will be sent home immediately, and placed on standby at home.
  • We will continue our efforts to reduce human contact by teleworking and staggered work hours for our staff.

Flexible Cancellation Policy

In order to alleviate the anxiety caused by the Coronavirus / COVID-19 and make it easier for you to plan your future travel with peace of mind, we have revised our booking conditions to provide more flexibility. The new policy is as follows:

Cancellation of a reservation will become effective upon confirmed receipt of the email notification from the customer. The following cancellation fees will apply:

(1) Cancellation less than 14 days prior to the tour departure date: 25% of the total tour price.
(2) Cancellation between 7 – 13 days prior to the tour departure date: 50% of the total tour price.
(3) Cancellation within 6 days of the tour departure date: 100% of the total tour price.

The above cancellation fee will be paid from the advance payment (deposit), and the remaining balance due must be paid immediately.

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Trip Insight has in-depth expertise and is passionate about tours to Japan; we design our tours, by centering our focus on the customer. We will consider your needs, interests, travel aspirations, and purpose of your travel, and propose a completely customized tour to Japan. Furthermore, for those reasons, we will focus all our efforts and follow up with you until your tour to Japan is successfully completed.

Please visit our Travel Guide page for ideas and inspiration on places to visit in Japan, and when to travel.

Trip Insight’s flexible booking policy allows you to prepare for your tour to Japan with peace of mind, even if something unexpected happens.

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