Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese Translation Services for the Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Industries

Our lives are being affected by globalization in many respects. The way we spend our vacations is one of them, and the tourism industry is growing significantly in many parts of the world. The number of tourists from foreign countries to Japan is increasing, and as a result, the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries have the opportunity to welcome many more diverse customers than ever before. Language translation services have become essential in order to gain interest and ensure the satisfaction of international travelers. 

Trip Insight’s Japanese translation services allow our overseas travel, tourism, and hospitality industry clients to communicate effectively with Japanese people. Foreign travel agencies can sell a variety of tours and travel services to their clients, while hotels and resorts can offer accommodations, food and beverage to the Japanese tourists who travel overseas. The government agencies that oversee tourist destinations will gain visibility and name recognition by creating Japanese language websites, brochures, and in the process, be able to increase the number of visitors.

Trip Insight Corp. provides the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries with professional translation services from Japanese to English, based on the knowledge we have gained from working in the Japan travel industry, including hotels, travel agencies, corporations, government authorities, and schools. Our quality translations by native English speakers will assist you in effectively implementing your marketing strategies, such as differentiating your company’s marketing value, and expanding your client base by connecting your company to new prospective clientele. We can provide quality travel and tourism translation services to meet our customers’ needs at competitive industry rates.

We are here to help your company in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries to create new business opportunities. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Primary Target Clients for Translation Services: 

  • Travel agencies and tour operators:  Various tours; tour programs; itineraries
  • Tourist information services:  Tourist attraction information; travel guides
  • Central government authorities, tourism bureaus, local government authorities:  Tourist attraction information; travel guides
  • Accommodations:  Hotels; resorts; lodges; guest houses; traditional-style inns; hot spring inns
  • Transportation:  Airports; ports; railroads; airlines; cruise ships
  • Restaurants and souvenir stores:  Restaurant; ryotei (high-level traditional Japanese restaurant); souvenir stores
  • Arts and crafts stores:  Galleries; crafts; traditional crafts
  • Entertainment:  Sports; music; other entertainment
  • Commercial facilities:  Shopping malls; department stores; duty-free shops; shopping streets; independent retailers
  • Tourist facilities:  Museums; art galleries; theme parks

Primary Media for Translation Services:

  • Websites
  • Brochures  
  • Menus
  • Others

Trading Performance: 

Local government, national universities; corporations; associations; community development organizations; shopping districts; business enterprises; travel agencies; web production companies; accommodation facilities; individual customers; and others.

Language Services Offered: 

  • Japanese
  • English

Translation Plans

Standard Plan (standard delivery)

Our Standard Plan covers 1 to 5 pages of A4 size paper with a turnaround time of 4 to 5 days (based on business days).
*400 characters/300 words per page of original text

Express Plan (expedited delivery)

The Express Plan covers 1 to 5 pages of A4 size paper with a turnaround time of 2 to 3 days (based on business days).
*400 characters /300 words per page of original text

Translation Fees:

Standard Plan

  • Japanese → English translation   14 JPY per character                           
  • English → Japanese translation   16 JPY per word                         

Express Plan

  • Japanese → English translation   21 JPY per character                           
  • English → Japanese translation   24 JPY per word                  

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*Prices vary depending on the industry, purpose, level of difficulty, volume, delivery date, data format, layout, quality level, and other content.  
*The price is per character or per word of the original language.
*Prices listed do not include tax.
*We can also provide price quotes for large quantity documents. Please contact us.


Please be assured that we enforce a strict confidentiality agreement, signed in advance by all of our translation staff and company personnel. We can provide a copy of the confidentiality agreement upon request.

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